Glossery of terms


" what the heck are all these weird words?"

1.Wire- This one is a gimme. This is the long,skinny pieces of metal that you actually make the coils and links of the maille out of. Wire comes in different thicknesses ( called "gauges"),and are made out of different metals. The most commonly used metals for wire are: steel ( galvanized,mild,or stainless),brass, aluminum,and copper.

2. Turning Jig- This is the actual device used to turn the wire into coils. It usually consists of 2 components: a mandrel and a frame.

3.Frame-O.K.,this is another gimme. The frame is the part of the turning jig in which the mandrel passes through. This can be made of plastic (ugh!),wood or metal. It consists of a base plate of some sort,with 2 uprights through which the mandrel passes.

4.Mandrel-The part of the jig on which the wire is actually turned . It is a rod (either metal or wood) with one or more hole bored at one end ,in which the wire is inserted to secure it during the turning procedure. Usually,the mandrel has a crank handle,or some source of power,at the same end as the holes. Power drills work well for turning large amounts of coils,but as with any other power tool,it can be dangerous unless great care is taken. A crank handle is much safer for the beginning maillier.

5.Coils-These are the little springs from which individual pieces of of proto-maille,or links,are cut from. These coils are the result of the turning process.

6.Links-Individual pieces of what I call proto-maille.Weaving links togather ,in the proper patterns ,are what form maille.

7.Maille-( aka Chainmaille,chainmail, The Warshirt of Odin,ect.) a flexible,metal armour consisting of metal rings,or links,woven togather ,usually in set patterns. Most widely used of such is known as European 4 in 1. Maille is believed ,by most ,to have been invented by the Celtic tribes of ancient times,and is very effective against edged attacks. However,maille does not perform that well against crushing attacks,or thrusting,piercing attacks.

8.European 4 in 1-This is the most widely used pattern for maille making. Like the name states,it consists of one link passing through four links. This is one of the easiest patterns to use for the beginning maillier,and goes quite fast once one has the hang of it.

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