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"here are some really cool places!"

over the last few years,i have found many more sites on the internet dealing with things medieval than i had ever hoped, and i wish to shre these with you,hoping that it may speed your quest for knowlegde. ( just don't let my cranky librarian discover this,he may sic his nasty pet on us!)


armour sites:

The armour Archive: this is the first and best site i ever found.Nicest bunch of lunatics you'll ever meet!

arador armour library: this is a nice place,even if the managment is a little uptight. you can find a good deal of material here if you look long enough. it really needs to go to a ubb format.

The Armour Library: a great site with a lot of material. if you need to find something,try here.

The Hammered Wombat: a friend of mine up in alaska. he does beautiful custom work.


weapon sites:

Netsword: mainly a weapon site,with a few other discussions thrown in. excellent site

swordforum international: good site,a little stuffy,kinda like arador

Knife forums.com: all blade discussions,all the time

the stickbow: if your into traditional archery ( who needs sissy pulleys?),this is the site for you.

the trebuchet resourse site: if you are into really,really big weapons,then by all means,go here!



castle sites:

Castle magick: ever wanted a real castle,check these folks out,they plan and build them. no joke, this is for real.

castles on the web: name says it all. wanna see a castle,go here.


this ,that,and whatever.... :

rj leahy.com: this is a prime site for materials you may need for various armour projects. only place i can find rivits,and the carry different kinds of wire as well.

renstore.com:the chivalry sports webstore. they caryy a large selection of items,prices aren't too bad.

chronique.com: a good site with a lot of info. go there!

all gode cookery recipies:believe it or not,a site just for medieval recipes. haven't tried them yet,but i will soon!

the medieval times: a newsletter for an sca kingdom. good reading.

the digital norseman: want viking info? go here!

ebay: ok,it's ebay,but type in sca armor,swords,or larp,and you'll find what you want!

Now we did it,we woke them up! check back soon for new links,while i try to chase dungbreath,out of here!

go one,get outta here.......er...... i mean..... be off foul beast,and take your fell master with you!

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